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Faculty Research Interest
Erfan Zal Nezhad
Research Interest

Thin film nanotube coatings for biomedical application
- Metallic biomaterials used to replace and repair human body parts have attracted tremendous amounts of attention over the past two decades. A large number of implant materials, such as bone plates, screws, dental implants, and artificial joints, which are utilized to a large extent in various medical applications, are made of titanium alloys such as Ti-6Al-4V. To improve the tribo-mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and biocompatibility of these biomaterials, application of thin film hardcoatings are used.

Thin film nanotubular arrays for energy application
- To investigate the effect of microstructural evolution of nanotubular arrays on wettability and optical properties.

Polymer solar cell
- Performance enhancement of polymer solar cell devices by nanotubes/nitrogen-doped graphene

Dye-sensitized solar cells
- Nitrogen-doped graphene/metal chalcogenide films as economical platinum-free counter electrodes in high efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells
Ha, Sung Kyu
CAE (ANSYS, Abaqus, Nastran, etc) simulation based Innovative Design
- Automotive Parts
- Aerospace structures
- Wind turbine blades

Structural behavior of Composite Materials (tests and simulation)
- Multiscale analysis (micro-meso-macro) : Progressive damage
- Impact analysis (CAI, TAI and SAI)
- Long term durability and Fatigue Life Prediction 

Material selection and Manufacturing Process for Composites
- Thermoset and thermoplastics
- Continuous fiber, Short fiber composites, NCF, woven fabrics, braided fabrics.
- Injection, LFT, RTM, Pultrusion, Winding, braiding, etc
Jang, Gunhee
Design and analysis of electric motor system
- Reduction of noise and vibration of motor system induced by electromagnetic excitation ​
-  Detection of defects in a permanent magnet motor by monitoring BEMF
- ​​ Development of analysis procedure for electromagnetic-mechanical coupled system to predict excitation force in an electric motor ​

Microrobot design and control to treat human blood vessel diseases
- Development of magnetic navigation system for microrobot manipulation
- Electromechanical analysis for precise control of microrobot in blood flow ​
-  Development of modular microrobot for stable manipulation within blood vessel
-  Development of therapeutic modules and dynamic analysis ​

​ Development of structural analysis methods of memory module
- Developing failure mechanism and life of memory module against vibration and bending
- Verification of life of memory module against vibration and bending
- Developing life evaluation process of memory modules utilizing Monte Carlo simulation ​

Development of an integrated motor propulsor for unmanned underwater vehicles
- Optimization of hydrodynamic bearing for unmanned underwater vehicles
-  Characteristic analysis and verification of hydrodynamic bearing ​
-  Developing life evaluation process of memory modules utilizing Monte Carlo simulation​

Development of analysis program on CMP process
-  Development of finite element model for front side of wafer
-  Development of pressure analysis program for front side of wafer
Jhang, Kyung Young
Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation
- Evaluation of hidden damages in industrial structures and parts such as nuclear power plant, automotive parts, and electronic parts

Noncontact Ultrasonic Testing using Laser.
- In-line inspection of objects at high temperature or in moving 

Development of analysis technique and characterization for material damage induced by high power laser
- Investigation and analysis for damage mechanism of materials induced by high power CW laser.

Development of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System) based on analysis of vehicle driving behavior and traffic flow.

- Analysis of vehicle driving behavior and traffic flow at the section requiring mandatory lane change such as highway ramps and so on.

Solutions for industrial issues related to quality and safety assessments
- In-line inspection for electronic component (strength, defect, etc.)
- Quantitative evaluation for degradation and damage of automotive parts
- Nondestructive measurement of elastic properties in basic materials (Glass for display, Wafer for semi-conductor, Aluminum, Steel, etc.)
- Inspection of defects in the steel manufacturing process
Kim, Dong Rip

고기능 나노구조체 개발 및 응용
- 초발수성을 활용한 기계 열 성능 향상
- 초발수 구조체 기반의 물방울 움직임 제어
- 나노재료 및 구조를 활용한 재료 열 및 전기적 특성 제어

고효율 태양전지 및 LED 개발
- 나노재료 및 구조를 활용한 태양전지 성능 향상
- 나노재료 및 구조를 활용한 LED 성능 향상

플렉시블 전자기기 개발
- 전사기법을 이용한 플렉시블 전자기기 제작
- 플렉시블 태양전지 성능 향상

Kim, Hak-Sung

고성능 복합재료 구조체 개발
- 알루미늄/복합재료 후륜구동 자동차 동력전달축, 복합재료 서스펜션 로워암 개발
- 전차용 하이브리드 구면 베어링 개발
- 인공 위성용/전투기용 복합재료 구조체 개발

인쇄전자 기술 연구
- 광소결을 이용한 상온/초고속 소자 제작 연구
- 반도체, 전도성 나노 잉크 제조 기술 연구
- 차세대 Flexible OLED, TFT 제작 기술 연구

반도체 패키징 신뢰성 연구
- 초박형 패키지 구조 및 제조 기술 개발
- 실리콘 칩 강도 측정 기술 개발

Kim, Young-Beom

저온형 박막 고체 산화물 연료전지 개발
- 작동온도를 획기적으로 낮춤으로써 고온 작동시 발생되는 여러 문제점 해결
- 낮은 온도에서도 고성능을 낼 수 있도록 초 박막형 전지 제작

원자막 증착법 연구
- 원자막 증착법을 이용한 귀금속 촉매의 탑재량 저감
- 증착 특성을 이용한 나노파티클 코팅을 이용하여 에너지 디바이스의 반응 면적을 획기적으로 증가
- 재료 사용량 절감으로 생산 제작비 감소

3차원 나노구조물 제작공정 개발
- 나노구조물을 이용하여 반응 면적 극대화, 성능 및 효율 향상
여러 에너지 디바이스에 사용 가능
- 연료전지/태양전지/이차전지

Lee, Kwan-Soo
Research interests

Optimum design of heat exchangers:
-Optimum design of heat exchangers for heating/cooling systemsand automobiles

Electronic cooling equipment:
- Heat sink design for LED downlight
- Technical analysis and performance evaluation of CPU cooler

Frosting and defrosting:
- Frosting and defrosting characteristics of surface-treated heat exchangers
- Heat exchanger design subject to frosting and defrosting
- Frost formation retardation

Improvement of energy efficiency considering economic cost:
- Simple sizing method for combined heat and power units
- Optimum hub height of wind turbine for maximizing annual net profit

Computational heat transfer
- Numerical simulations for understanding heat and fluid flow characteristics for various   applications

Academic achievements
- Distinguished Professor
- Editor, Energy Conversion and Management
- Senior member, The National Academy of Engineering of Korea
Park, Sungwook
Engine experimental research
- Diesel fuel, Characteristics of Renewable biofuels (Biodiesel, dimethyl ether, bioethanol) in compression ignition engine.
- State of the art combustion techniques: Homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), Low temperature combustion (LTC), Stoichiometric combustion, Diesel combustion, Gasoline compression combustion.

Simulation research
- Development of spray development and mixture formation modeling using a modified spray theory.
- Development of turbulent combustion and exhaust emission formation modeling using a chemical reaction mechanism.
- Development of intake modeling based on turbulence theory.

Researches of macroscopic and microscopic spray characteristics of alternative fuels used in internal combustion engines.
- Spray behavior and mixture formation
- Spray breakup and evaporation
- Visualization of cavitation in internal nozzle flow
- Spray-wall interaction (Wall impingement)
- Spray-spray interaction (collision and coalescence)
Song, Simon
Flow Visualization
 - Development of 3D flow visualization technique using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
 - Analysis of micro-scale flow characteristics using MRI
 - Fundamental studies of heat and flow physics and control

Computational Fluid Dynamics
 - Numerical studies on engineering heat and fluid flows
 - Micro-scale multi-physics numerical simulations
 - DNS on nano/bio/micro flows using OPENFOAM

 - Microdroplet control using optofluidic thermocapillary effects
 - Lab-on-a-chip development: Multi-functional sensor chip
 - Paper-based microfluidics: Point-of-care diagnostic paper sensor
 - Microfluidic Component Development: micromixer, micropump, microvalve, microfilter and etc.
Yook Se-Jin
Particle contamination control for semiconductors and home appliances
- Model development for assessing the level of particulate contamination of wafers and photomasks in semiconductor manufacturing
- Development of wafer/photomask protection schemes against particulate contamination during transport and storage in semiconductor manufacturing
- Investigation of LCD brightness decay due to particulate contamination of back light unit
- Development of lint-removal devices for clothes dryers

Investigation of aerosol particles in atmospheric environments and indoor environments
- Development of particle removal devices/systems
- Investigation of particulate matter emitted from vehicles
- Analysis of the behavior of re-suspended dusts induced by vehicles or subway trains
- Enhancement of indoor air quality using ventilation systems or room air cleaners

Heat and mass transfer analysis
- Analysis of inverse heat transfer problems
- Development of heat sinks for efficient cooling of electronic devices
- Model development for estimating particulate mass transfer
Yoon, Gil Ho

Fluid and structure optimization

- Topology optimization of Stationary Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems Using a New Monolithic Formulation

PZT Optimization
- Development of 3-dimensional FE procedures and sensitivity analysis for Topology optimization of dynamics PZT structures

기하 비선형 구조물의 최적설계
- Topology optimization of Geometrical Nonlinear Structure Considering Load-Displacement Trajectory

강체 메커니즘의 위상최적설계
- Topology optimization of planar rigid body mechanism