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The School of Mechanical Engineering at Hanyang University was established in 1948. Since then more than 10,000 students have graduated from the School of Mechanical Engineering. Our alumni have gone into many different fields of government, industry, academia and research, and have played important roles in the industrialization of the Republic of Korea.

The Department of Mechanical Convergence Engineering was established to meet the needs of the era of convergence technology, i.e., to perform education and research for converging electronics, material science, physics, chemistry, nano technology, bio technology, medical science, etc., as based on mechanical engineering. Our educational goal is to produce globally competitive students with the knowledge of convergence technology. To meet our goal, all classes are offered in English, Master’s students are obligated to give a presentation at a conference, Ph.D. students are required to publish more than two papers in SCI (Science Citation Index) journals, and all Master’s and Ph.D. students have to write their thesis in English. Many scholarships are awarded to the graduate students to help them to focus only on their coursework and research. In addition, expenses for attending international conferences are offered to the graduate students with outstanding achievements in their research.

In the future, the convergence technology will more and more contribute to the development of industry. Therefore, not only the students in mechanical engineering but also the students in other majors are welcome to apply to the Department of Mechanical Convergence Engineering at Hanyang University. We hope you can make your vision a reality with us at the Department of Mechanical Convergence Engineering at Hanyang University.